UURMI (pronounced oor-mee) is a Brooklyn-based scarf and womenswear line designed by Parsons graduate Sumanta Ghose. Her design aesthetic blends elements of her heritage with current trends in fashion by mixing traditional fabrics with whimsical prints and on-trend colors.

UURMI began in 2011 as a source for modern Indian evening wear and, following the success of the line, expanded into scarves. Each UURMI scarf offers a unique story, beginning with the fabric, which is hand woven in North India, to the prints, which Sumanta personally develops from photographs of her travels. Through local artists markets in Manhattan and Brooklyn, UURMI gained a loyal following which quickly led to being picked up by a major online retailer and various local eco-friendly boutiques. 

UURMI scarves are at once luxurious and unexpected. When twisted and draped they are abstract shapes and colors, and when open each piece reveals an intimate story of a time and place in the life of a designer.

Brooklyn, NY